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Stop stressing about your money, 

enjoy your life off-shift


🤑 Spend guilt free

💰 Get the bag

📈 Invest in your future

🙅‍♀️ Stop the shift math

the money app for nurses

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Your first step in 
taking control of your money 


Bridget downloaded NurseWallet because she wanted to make sense of her money and enjoy life off-shift


She gave NurseWallet the rundown of her money situation (rent, student loans, saving, spending, etc.)


NurseWallet translated it all into real words and actionable steps (we took out all the BS)

This is Bridget!

Bridget is a pediatric RN and works at a community hospital outside of Boston.



Her student loans, spending, investing, and retirement are now put into the way that she lives her life (shifts) 


Now with confidence in her money, she doesn’t feel guilty spending on things that make her happy (pilates, fuel her caffeine addiction, new pajamas)


be like Bridget and 4000+ other nurses

Nurses ❤️ NurseWallet

the money app you need STAT

“We invest so much training and education into how we can speak to our patients in a language they understand … and this is the first finance thing that has done that for me.”
Ahlam, RN

“Imagine leaving the floor for a personal finance consult? You’d be eaten alive.”
Haley, RN

“I mean I’m sure it seems minimal for business people but for me this is big.“
Rebecca, RN

“I would trust this more than the HR benefit person because this feels like they know me better.”
Guiliana, RN

🏦 spend and save

👨‍🎓 student loans

🗓 shift math

📈 investing  

One app built for nurses by nurses