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Stop stressing about your money

Know how much money you make from your shifts and feel amazing spending it the way you want.

NurseWallet is the money app for nurses. 

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Trusted by 20,000+ nurses like you 🤩

Know exactly how much you will take home 

Connect your schedule and know how much you will take home after every shift.

​✅ differentials included 

✅​ taxes taken out

✅​ 401k/403b taken out


Spend your money the way you want 

Tell us your monthly costs and get personalized recommendations on what to do with the rest of your money. NurseWallet will help you...

🛍️ spend on things you love

📈 save for your future

🎓 pay off your loans

Save up for the vacation that you deserve to take

Easily see how much you need to save every week to go on that overdue vacation 🏖️

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Nurses ❤️ NurseWallet

"With minimal risk we will have like $3 million when we retire"

"NurseWallet has been life changing for us"

Kass (@nursekassrn)

Money tools made for nurses

NurseWallet helps with everything when it comes to your money

Know exactly how much you make from the shifts you work. 

Investing made for nurses. No jargon and no BS. 

See how much you can make from a shift before you take it.

Student loans made easy. See exactly how much you owe each month. 

Our Partners

We partner with the most amazing nurses and brands to help support health care professionals🏥🧑‍⚕️👩‍⚕️


Contact us

Are you an app user that needs help?

Are you a creator or brand that wants to work with us?  

Reach out!

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