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Travel PICU RN>> I teach financial education to nurses

Latest from me

"No One Cares You Paid Off 46k Debt In 18 Months"

shoutout 50k of you


When People Tell Me To Stop Talking About Money

it's so important


Holiday Gift Guide For Nurses


Job Hopping Leads To Better Pay As A Nurse

thanks for the inspiration


Top Three Tips For Purchasing A Home

if you're a nurse watch!!


Nurses Day Off: Self-Care Edition


3 Things I wish I Knew As A New Grad

if only


POV You Used To Work Every Holiday

so happy i changed jobs


My Rules For Black Friday Shopping

are you shopping?


POV You Enjoy Your Time Now Instead Of All Day Being Recovery

best b-day weekend!


Hi, I'm Allie!

Friday Funday When You Work Mon-Thurs As A Nurse

fridays are my sundays

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