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Wooo! You’ve successfully purchased Nurse Financial Freedom from NurseWallet University.

Congratulations on taking the first step to financial freedom! The course you just purchased will equip you with clear, step-by-step actions to boost your financial health. But if you're craving that personalized touch, a personal guide, our coaching sessions are here for you.

Imagine having a personal financial coach who not only gets nursing but gets you. In our one-on-one sessions, Patrick (NurseWallet CEO!), will sit with you, get to know you, take a close look at your financial details, and will guide you through the actions to take to achieve your goals. You can walk away feeling confident that your debt is diminishing and your wealth is building. (Ah, sweet relief!)


Here's how you can customize your coaching experience:

  • A La Carte Sessions: Need focused advice on a specific area? Opt for individual hour-long sessions to tackle topics like debt management, spending plans, wealth building, or conscious spending. It's targeted support where you need it the most.

  • VIP Coaching Package: For comprehensive guidance, our VIP package pairs each course module with a live one-on-one session. Patrick, the CEO of NurseWallet, is ready to roll up his sleeves, dive into your finances, and map out your precise steps. It’s our recommended approach to maximize your learning and results, providing you with an immersive and personalized coaching experience that tracks with your progress through the course.


Each coaching session is an opportunity to align your newfound knowledge with your personal financial situation, ensuring that every step you take is the right step for you. Let's make your financial plan as personal, detailed, and effective as the care you provide to your patients.

Ready to personalize your financial plan? Choose your coaching path today.

Single Coaching Session
Regular Price
✨Limited Time Deal✨

 ✔️ 1 60 min live expert coaching session with the NurseWallet CEO

VIP Coaching Package
Regular Price
✨Limited Time Deal✨

 ✔️ 4 60 min live expert coaching sessions with the NurseWallet CEO

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