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Conquer Nurse Burnout with our 4 Week Online Course

Nurse Financial Freedom

This course is our step-by-step guide to crushing debt, building wealth, and guilt-free spending.

Wonder how to become rich as a nurse?

Let's face it, the idea of stretching your nursing salary into a bountiful financial future might sound like a fairy tale. We know there's no magic wand to wave away financial concerns. But what if you could turn that "too good to be true" into a tangible reality?

You're used to marathon shifts and have probably seen more sunrises from the hospital window than anyone should. You trade your time for hours and pick up overtime out of necessity. The lifestyle you yearn for sometimes feels out of reach.


You've thought about it all—switching specialties, getting that advanced degree, or maybe even wondering if a career outside of nursing could be the golden ticket. But here's the real talk: that comfort and security you're chasing? It’s already in your hands.

At NurseWallet, we're all about turning your money from those long hours into lifelong earnings. Through smart budgeting and proactive financial planning, we're here to ensure that your dedication to patient care is rewarded with guilt-free spending, not burnout.

How Nurse Financial Freedom Transforms Your Finances

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Nurse Financial Freedom teaches nurses how to become financially independent. We give you the step-by-step tools that you need to budget, pay off debt, invest, and plan for your future. 


The best part? You can do this without relying on overtime and shift differentials.  We teach you how to manage the income you have in a way that allows you the flexibility and peace of mind to spend on what you want, while also having financial security for your future.

Here's a peak at what you'll learn inside: 

  • Crush Your Debt
    Student debt? Credit card debt? No problem. We'll outline your plan for becoming a debt-free nurse.
  • Nurse Vitals (Your Alternative for Budgeting)
    Understand your income, fixed costs, and what levers you have to pull so that you can spend guilt-free on what's important to you.
  • Invest for Wealth
    Make the most of your employer benefits and build an investment portfolio that makes money for you, everyday.
  • Guilt-Free Spending
    Learn how to spend MORE money on what you love and feel confident in your future.

And you’re not in this alone! NurseWallet has already helped over 50K+ nurses pay down their student loans, invest for retirement, and save for big purchases.

When you purchase the course, you join a community of nurses with a shared goal: financial independence (with work-life balance!). Not only that, the NurseWallet team shows up LIVE to answer your questions and ensure your success.


Hear What Other Nurses Are Saying

“I just thought I was never going to understand my finances. This is a game-changer for me. Seriously! I wish my work offered this as a benefit"

- Rebecca BSN, RN

Imagine a life with more freedom, balance, and security...

Guilt-free spending.png
Guilt-Free Spending

Indulge in your passions and enjoy your hard-earned money with zero regrets.

Work-life balance.png
Work-Life Balance

Reclaim your time and achieve a healthy balance between your professional dedication and personal life.

Financial security.png
Financial Security

Secure a future where student loans and debt are history and your investment portfolio thrives.

What you'll get...


An Actionable Investing Plan to Set Up Your Future


A Step-by-Step Guide to Consolidate and Refinance Your Debt


A Supportive Community of Like-Minded Nurses 

Not sure yet? Reach out to us at or schedule a call with Patrick to make sure that NurseWallet is the right tool to help you accomplish your goals.

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Meet Patrick: The heart behind NurseWallet

Who exactly is Patrick? Think of him as the financial ally every nurse deserves. As the driving force behind NurseWallet, Patrick is dedicated to bringing financial clarity and empowerment to those who give so much to others.

With a personal connection to the nursing world through his partner, Patrick has an intimate understanding of the lives and challenges faced by nurses every day. It was through this lens that Patrick spotted a gap in the financial industry—a space where nurses' unique financial needs weren’t just underserved; they were practically invisible.


Patrick’s experience working at Capital One was eye-opening, revealing that conventional financial tools often overlook the distinctive pay structure, schedules, lifestyle, and career trajectory of nurses. Fueled by this insight and, Patrick founded NurseWallet and has now built the Nurse Financial Freedom course.

Nurse Financial Freedom isn’t just about a course; it’s about creating a financial sanctuary. Here, Patrick and his team strip away the complexity of finances. They equip you with the fundamental knowledge to build confidence, guide you step-by-step to financial health, and help set your financial plan on cruise control.

Join Patrick at Nurse Financial Freedom, where nurses' financial wellness is the top priority, and take the first step toward a future where you can spend guilt-free while your money works for you.

Nurse Financial Freedom is for you if you want…

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  1. Help creating a personalized money plan that addresses your current situation and future goals?

  2. To pay down your student loans or escape debt on your own terms?

  3. To build a safety net in case shit hits the fan?

  4. To invest for your future without sacrificing today?

  5. To stop crunching numbers to figure out if those overtime hours are worth it?

  6. To spend guilt-free on the things that matter to you?

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Conquer Nurse Burnout with Financial Freedom


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