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Invest like a nurse📈 

Invest your extra money in causes you love without knowing a thing about stocks

All the finance gurus on TikTok tell you that you should be investing but they never tell you why or how to start.

NurseWallet makes investing easy. You tell us your money goals and the causes you believe in. Then our team puts your money to work to hit your goals and support the causes you love.


What does it mean to invest?

Investing is the act of buying parts of a company (we call ‘em shares or stocks) that you think will be more valuable in the future than they are today. 

How to get started

Step 1

Choose how much you want to invest each week

Follow NurseWallet's recommendation to hit your financial goals faster.

Step 2

Pick the causes you support

Your money will be invested in companies that support what you love. 

Step 3

Pick the industries you don't support

Your money will not be invested in any company or industry that is against your values.

Step 4

Watch your money grow!

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