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Conquer Nurse Burnout with Financial Freedom.

Nurse Financial University teaches nurses how to become financially independent.

Imagine a life with more freedom, balance, and security...

Guilt-free spending


Indulge in your passions and enjoy your hard-earned money with zero regrets.

Work-life balance


Reclaim your time and achieve a healthy balance between your professional dedication and personal life.

Financial security


Secure a future where student loans and debt are history and your investment portfolio thrives.

Nurse Financial University teaches nurses how to become financially independent.

We give you the step-by-step tools that you need to budget, pay off debt, invest, and plan for your future.

The best part? You can do this without relying on overtime and shift differentials.

We teach you how to manage the income you have in a way that allows you the flexibility and peace of mind to spend on what you want, while also having financial security for your future.

When you purchase a course, you enter a community of nurses with a shared goal:

Financial independence (with work-life balance!). Not only that, NurseWallet shows up LIVE to answer your questions and ensure your success.

Each of our courses are tailored to your financial goals.

Choose only what you need and get individualized support along the way.

Nurse Money Bootcamp

The personal finance basics that should be taught in school.

Debt Recovery for Nurses

Student debt? Credit card debt? No problem. We'll outline your plan for becoming a debt free nurse.

Nurse Vitals (Your Alternative to Budgeting)

Understand your income, fixed costs, and what levers you have to pull so that you can spend guilt-free on what's important to you.

Invest for Wealth

Make the most of your employer benefits and build an investment portfolio that makes money for you, everyday.

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