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Instantly fill your vacancies and cut your staffing costs

NurseWallet helps hospital fill vacancies with nurses who are...


✅ Credentialed and qualified 
✅ Eager and available to work


NurseWallet Staffing is free to set up (takes 2 min) and works well with your existing staffing software (no integration needed) ⬇️

Nurse shortages are crushing hospitals.

The average hospital has..



and pays...





If your lucky, you're able to staff a vacancy with a travel nurse... by paying the premium of travel nurse pay.

Great, the opening has been filled... but your churn is still at an all time high and your staffing costs are massacring your bottom line. 


There hasn't been a staffing solution that helps nurses, hospitals, and patients... until now.

With NurseWallet, you can fill your vacancies with the right nurses, fast, and at a fraction of the cost.

We help nurses and hospitals make more money. 

We are experts in nurse finances.

We have helped over 15,000 nurses stress less about their money by helping them make sense of their money and make more of it.

This is where you come come in.


NurseWallet places your vacancies in front of the qualified and available nurses. 


Because we understand a nurse's financial situation and can see their schedule, we recommend your openings to nurses who need new work to reach their financial goals. 

We put your opportunities in front of nurses in the context of their own finances.

We put your opportunities in front of nurses in the context of their own financial goals.

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