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500+ Applications!!!!

literally breaking my back with this posture

Asking My Non-nursing Roommate NCLEX Prep Questions


Gen Z Can Literally Solve The Nursing Crisis

let me tell you why (and how)

Getting A Be Real Mid Podcast

iconic moment with Bri (pod out soon 😉)

Giving My Work From Home Partner A Treat Bc He's Been Stressed

I think we are going to have a good day

How I Got Started At NurseWallet

Let me spill the tea

Launched A Podcast That I Forgot To Tell You About


Offering Solutions When No One Asked

just nurse things

Sending Nicole The Best Sweatshirt To Study In

Nicole is a baddie and senior in nursing school

So I Got A New Podcast Mic

not so sure about it...

So We Are Hiring


Someone Really Said This To Me

Only a nurse? oh really?