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First Time You See A Code As A New Grad

🧍🏼‍♀️👈🏼 me literally glued to the wall trying to stay out of the way

August Book Recap

I read 15 books in august

Book Haul

Chief Complaint: Shortness Of Breath

chief complaint series

Day Off Vlog 8/30

come with me

Do You Want To Get Drinks After Work?

Do I?

Doing A Giveaway With Scrubhacks🎉

I am so excited to announce this fun giveaway that I’m doing with @scrubhacks 💖💖

ER Nurse Day In My LIfe

ER Nurse Day In The Life

shift 2/2

ER Nurse Day Off Vlog

ER Nurse Day Off Vlog

how do I recover from yesterdays shift and prepare for tomorrow at the same time?

ER Nurse Day Off Vlog

Hope everyone had a great day💚