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Get matched with nursing jobs that aren't...


Tell us about the job you want. Our algorithm matches your needs with jobs at actively hiring hospitals. Then, you get the job you deserve.

Trusted by 40,000+ nurses like you 🤩

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting a new job.

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How it works

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Tell us about yourself

Fill out this survey and  tell us what you want in your next job (day shift, night shift, better pay, better nurse to patient ratios, etc).

We send you jobs

We will send you jobs that match what you are looking for. We will include EVERYTHING about the job (no gatekeeping). Then you tell us which jobs you like and we submit your anonymous application.

You get hired

Interview with multiple jobs and pick the one that’s best for you.

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Only the highest paying jobs

We use pay data from more than 45 thousand nurses to make sure you're getting above market rate for every job you apply to.

Get hired… fast (with a $20k bonus)

We only work with hospitals actively hiring nurses. This means that you will skip the weeks of waiting between interviews and get big $$$ bonuses when you start your new job (sometimes up to $20k). Save time and get paid. 

The job search done for you

Stop wasting hours reading vague and confusing Hospital career sites. Our algorithm finds hospital jobs that meet your criteria in minutes.

Will you tell my boss that I am applying to new jobs? 


Absolutely not. You looking for a different job is your business and your business only. We do not share any of your info with your current boss or employer. 

Isn’t NurseWallet an app for my money? 

NurseWallet started with an app to help you understand how much money you are taking home from your shifts. You can download the app here. After so many nurses reached out asking for our help making more money, we decided to help nurses with the best way to make more money – get a new job. 

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