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Nurse Money School

The nurse built system to run your money on autopilot. Join the next cohort to quit using shift math/OT to reach your financial freedom.

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Whether you teach people how to swing dance at their wedding or do financial consulting fo
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What is NurseWallet’s Nurse Money School?

Nurse Money School is an online program for nurses who want to reach their life goals while spending guilt free.

Whether you are a new grad, or a seasoned nurse, our 4 week online program will set you up with a financial system you understand that runs on autopilot. Designed specifically for nurses - our program gives you the education and tools you need to stop stressing about your money.

NurseWallet has helped over 50K+ nurses pay down their student loans, invest for retirement, and save for big purchases - without needing to quit starbucks or pick up an extra shift every week. It is our mission to empower all nurses to spend guilt free and we would be honored to help you too.

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Just imagine a life filled with more...

Spend on what you want without feeling bad about it

🤑 Guilt-free spending

No need to pick up shifts just to get what you want

🧘‍♀️ Work life balance

Pay down your student loans AND invest for the future - on your terms

💰 Financial security

“I just thought I was never going to understand my finances. This is a game changer for me. Seriously! I wish my work offered this as a benefit"
- Rebecca

Nurse Money School will help you...

Create a money plan that makes sense for how you want to live your life.


Pay down your student loans on your terms.


Build a cushion savings account in case shit hits the fan.


Invest for your future without sacrificing today.



Stop relying on shift math and OT when you want to spend a little extra.

Spend guilt free on what matters to you.


How does Money School work? 

✔️ Weekly group sessions on key financial topics

✔️ 1:1 Office hours with NurseWallet’s CEO to address your specific concerns

✔️ Forever access to online resources to keep you on track

✔️ A group chat with nurses in a similar situation and the NurseWallet team

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Is Nurse Money School right for me? 

Nurse Money School is for nurses who want to feel better about their money without ruining their days off with hard work related to their finances.

Regardless of your personal situation, there is a path to reaching your goals guilt free - and we are here to help every step of the way.

Yes Nurse Money School works for... 

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New grads nurses

Getting started can be overwhelming, and most advice is not geared at nurses. We get that and can get you going.

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Experienced nurses

Looking to save for a wedding or your first house - nurse money school can get you to your goals.

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Special situation nurses

Looking to make a career move? or have tons of debt? We have seen it all and promise we can build a system for you.

Who teaches Nurse Money School?

I'm Patrick, CEO of NurseWallet

I founded Nursewallet 3 years ago with the mission to empower nurse to feel better about their money.

After working at Capital One for 5 years, I learned first-hand how traditional financial products aren't built for the unique challenges of nurses. So, I built NurseWallet. 

Everybody's money situation is uniquely personal, so we are launching this bootcamp to give you a system that works for you without the hard work. ​

Our program will leave you with your finances on automatic so you don't need to think or stress about your money. 


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