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🤍 picu nurse
happy you’re here

Latest from me

POV You Went Into Your Dream Specialty

love it!!


Just Got Off Work

creds to the picu fit


$1000 Scholarship For Nursing Students

go enter!!


How I Passed The NCLEX In 75 Questions

cram sheets r key


Actual Depiction Of Nursing Clinical

wish i was kidding


GRWM picu Nurse

night shift crew


Awesome NurseWallet Gear!!

thank you NW!!


POV You Finished Your 3 Shifts For The Week

treat yourself


POV You Work Christmas Eve On A Pediatric Unit

literally wearing this every shift


Websites With Cheap Textbooks For Nursing School

save $$$


Wrapping Christmas Presents

that time of year


Love You All!!

ty ty


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