7 interview questions to understand the culture of the unit

A bad culture can cause you to very quickly burn out. Tough thing is, most nurses don't find out the culture in their unit or hospital sucks until they have already started there.

We asked nurses in the NurseWallet community what their best questions are for gauging culture (so you can avoid bad culture in the interview process) .

Here are 7 interview questions that can help you avoid ending up in a unit with a bad culture:

  1. What is the turnover rate? (don’t take good or bad as an answer, ask for a specific number) - Mckenna F.

  2. What did the hospital/Unit do to provide support for the staff during covid? Both mentally and physically. - Zachary R.

  3. What is the average age of the staff? - Samantha C.

  4. Ask the interviewer: “how long have you been at this(facility/hospital)?” - Samantha C.

  5. Ask the manager: "what are some things you do to actively support your staff?" - Rebecca G.

  6. How long have the charge nurses been nurses? - Carlie A.

  7. How long has the longest team member been here? - Terese O.

If you have any that I have worked best for you, comment them below!

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