How to block your schedule to maximize PTO and time off

The best part of working as a nurse for most of us is the hours! Where else can you work 3 days a week and have 4 other days off? I always suggest taking PTO, but there are ways to schedule yourself without having to take PTO and have 8 days off!

Time blocking or shift stacking is just stacking your days to maximize your time off. Say your week starts Monday

Work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday one week then you’ll have Thursday- the next Thursday off and you could work Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 

If you take 3 days of PTO while stacking your shifts you could have up to 17 days off!

While this is all dependent upon how you like working your shifts, 3 in a row or 2 in a row or maybe 4 in a row, you’ll be able to maximize your time off and make your schedule work for you!

Working nights vs days also plays into how you make your schedule!

My favorite app for looking at how to schedule my maximum days off is NurseGrid, where you can plan out your shifts and see when friends are working!

How do you like to schedule your shifts? Leave a comment on the blog!

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