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How to create your pre-shift routine!

Nursing is hard because we care for people for 12 hours straight and many of us are taught to neglect our own needs while doing so!

Having a pre shift routine will help you:

  • feel good going into your shift

  • help you manage stress during your shift

  • learn how to prioritize you! 

What is a pre-shift routine?

Anything that makes you feel good going into your shift. A few examples are getting 6-8 hours of sleep and then waking up, making coffee and listing 3 things I’m grateful for. The easiest way to make these habits stick is to use habit stacking. Habit stacking is just adding one habit onto another. This could look like making your coffee while thinking or writing your 3 things you are grateful for! Start small!

What are the benefits of a pre-shift routine?

My pre-shift routine helps me get into the right mindset before I head to work. Spending 12-14 hours in one day prioritizing everyone else’s needs before our own is draining and it’s easier ti show up as the best version of myself if I prioritize self care. Creating good habits and starting my day off with a few things like packing my lunch, bringing my own coffee and listening to a podcast on my way to work can also hugely benefit my health! 

How do you create a pre-shift routine?

Start with one habit! I started with gratitude and now it’s evolved into a longer pre-shift routine that makes me feel energized before work. Pick things that make you feel energized and don’t drain you! Some people like to workout before their shift, but if that doesn’t feel good don’t add it to your routine. 

Final thoughts

1. Your pre shift routine should feel energizing

2. Start small and utilize habit stacking to create a routine that’s easy for you!

3. There are tons of benefits to a pre shift routine!

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