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My favorite night shift tips!

Most nurses will work night shift at one point in their career, but what if you could actually thrive on nights instead of feeling miserable!

If you are like me and really struggle on nights, here are my favorite tips that helped me get through! 

1. Create habits- consistently working out on my days pre shift gives me energy to get through my night shifts, but this may not work for you! Make sure you are drinking enough water and eating nutritious foods that make you feel good! All of this matters! These can be pre or post shift! (The key to making this a habit is to choose a time that works for you!) 

2. Consistent sleep schedule and sleep hygiene - this includes setting the number of hours you want to sleep pre shift and after your shift. You could take a short nap pre shift if that works for you or sleep in late on your flip day. Eventually you’ll find out what works for you! 

3. A morning and night routine that fills your cup! These will be flipped when you are working nights, but I made sure I practiced gratitude after I woke up pre shift and drank a glass of water. Then I’d set aside 15 minutes to read or relax. My pre bed routine was similar, I had my hot tea, stopped scrolling my phone 15 minutes before bed and made sure I did my skin care routine! :) 

4. Change your mindset, I went from being a negative Nancy to finding all the positives about nights! I really had to work at this, so decide what you like about nights or even make a list of the positives to remind yourself! 

5. Get outside every day! The sunshine is so beneficial and helps especially in the winter months! I also supplemented with vitamin D, but make sure you check with your doctor! 

These are just some tips that have helped me thrive on nights instead of feeling like a depressed zombie! If you really struggle on nights, make sure you reach out to your manager and see how you can decrease your night shifts or switch to a better shift.

What do you love about night shift and what gets you through it!? 

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