Self care ideas that don’t actually cost you anything

If you are like me, you want to spend your days off taking care of yourself so you can take the best care of your patients when you go back to work.  For most people, it’s hard and we forget that WE are our most important priority! Having some resistance is okay and totally normal, but we need to schedule it like a doctors appointment or our work shifts!

Main points:

  1. Why self care is important as a nurse

  2. How to prioritize self care on your days off

  3. Self care ideas that don’t cost money!

Self care is important because we spend our 12 hour shifts or days in nursing school taking care of others and most days we neglect ourselves. Filling up our cups on our days off is essential to preventing burnout and promoting longevity in our nursing career. 

Scrolling through tik tok and instagram, our feeds are filled with ways to spend money for self care, but what if self care didn’t  have to cost you anything?

How to prioritize self care on your days off? 

The only way I get things done is if I schedule it in! Things like workouts and self care are written in my planner or are put in my phone! Schedule it like an appointment and make sure that you are taking care of you!

Self care ideas

Read your favorite book

Budget friendly ways to do this include the Libby app for audiobooks and a library card!

Take a hot girl walk!

Spending time outside when we spend most of our time inside is so important! Remember that a hot girl walk can look like whatever you want it to! Cute outfit, go ahead girl! Pjs? Comfort level expert! 

Work on your finances

Check out the nurse wallet app, look at your bank account, schedule a payment to your credit card or automate your savings! We often forget self care also relates to our finances!

Use those beauty products you never have time to use!

If you have a face mask or eye patches you’ve been waiting to use, now is the time! Mini facial at home using the products you already spent money on!

Key points:

  1. Schedule your self care like an appointment

  2. Self care doesn’t have to cost money

  3. Taking care of your finances is self care!

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