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You do NOT have to start in med surg (if you don’t want to)

Nursing school teaches us that we should get our skills on a med surg unit first before we try any other unit or specialty and that’s just not true. This idea started because the older instructors started their own careers in med surg to get the ideal nursing skills. But what if you didn’t have to start in med surg? 

Main points:

1. Why you do not have to start in med surg as a new grad

2. Specialties that you could start in 

3. Taking control of your nursing license 

Once you pass the NCLEX and enter the field of nursing there are so many options! Each specialty takes a different set of skills and just because you don’t use the fundamental nursing school skills everyday doesn’t mean you are any less of a nurse! 

Here is a list of specialties that you could consider as a new grad!

ICU (this could be NICU (neonatal), PICU (pediatric) or any type of specialty intensive care unit)

Emergency department (many people thrive in the chaos and love starting here!)

Outpatient nursing- there are so many clinics that hire new grads! You’ll learn a different set of skills and have normal hours! 

Operating room- this may be different and a good change of pace if you aren’t wanting to do bedside! Procedural nursing is great if you wanting to work closely with physicians and learn how to be a scrub nurse!

Labor and delivery- this is a very specialized type of nursing and you’ll be able to support moms through labor!

Wrap up:

1. You do NOT have to start in med surg

2. Bedside isn’t the only way to go as a new grad

3. YOU get to decide what specialty is right for you! 

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